Synchronize our website with our internal systems

“Our company was looking for a comprehensive online store platform to allow our customers to access our complete product offering, as well as sending and tracking orders. The main challenge was to integrate an online store platform with our existing internal systems: we leverage Varnet, a software system designed on the Progress database. In other words, we needed to find a way to make information available on the web using a solution compatible with our existing systems.
The 5Xperts team performed a thorough analysis to select the most suitable solution for our business needs. The 5Xperts team developed our website and implemented a Windows solution designed to connect and synchronize the web server and internal systems’ database in real time.
The project was a success on several levels and our entire team enjoyed increased productivity. We were finally able to move away from physical product catalogs as all our products were now featured on our website. Each customer now logs on to their secure portal to access their specific pricing and order products at a time that is convenient for them. This process automation allows our customers and teams to save time, and considerably reduce the risk of order-related errors.
Thank you to 5Xperts for listening to our needs and your professionalism.”

Guy, Operations Manager in a HVAC products company

Complex process improvements

“Our company manages special orders where customers submit drawings of the parts they need us to manufacture. The process to get the drawing all the way through the assembly line was lengthy: plasma design, cost assessment, factory flow, and these steps require hefty documentation and archiving was a nightmare.
The 5Xperts team performed a complete process analysis to highlight the opportunities to standardize our manufacturing steps and digitize documentation. They developed a fully customized production management software. Drawings are now scanned and digitized upon reception and production records are created in the system.
As a project goes from one step to the next, our management system updates its status changes to allow the whole team to track its progress. The end-to-end process is now much easier to manage, and we keep complete project files without accumulating boxes and boxes of paper.”

Peter, Production Manager in a parts engineering company/span>

Urgent need to modernize our processes

“Our business delivers consultancy services to the agricultural industry; our agronomists provide farmers with recommendations in terms of fertilizers, herbicides, and other applications. We manage the entire consultancy processes by hand, by phone or by email. Every spring, this management method gets overwhelming. We had to find a more suitable solution.
We met the 5Xperts team several times to lay the grounds of our optimization project. It was agreed that we would set up a website designed to record and track our stakeholders’ actions and simplify the various process steps. Agricultural lots’ aerial plans were uploaded to the website along with a list of all products, farmers, and subcontractors. Once we enter a recommendation in the system, a whole process of watering notifications, approvals and confirmations is automatically triggered on our platform, greatly facilitating the progress of each consultation.”

Lyne, agronomist in an agricultural cooperative

Centralized timesheet system

“The management of employee timesheets was a manual process: first on paper, then we “modernized” our methods using Excel spreadsheets. Our accounting clerk was tasked with entering data manually into the payroll system. Not only did we need to improve our methodology to save time, it was also mandatory for us to centralize data and reduce the risk of errors.
5Xperts took the time to assess our situation, analyze our IT system infrastructure and recommend a sound and budget-friendly solution. They developed a website designed to capture the time and expenses entered directly by our employees. The new system is secure, easy to use and above all, highly efficient for our small business.”

Jocelyn, owner of a food processing company

No longer relying on a unique resource

“In anticipation of the retirement of one of our company’s key management systems sole lead, it was crucial for us to assess the impact of his departure. What was the best course of action: replacing the individual and transfer their knowledge to a new lead or take this opportunity to review and update our systems?

The 5Xperts team thoroughly analyzed our company’s management systems to draft recommendations. It took a few meetings to fully understand all the challenges pertaining to our industry. The report delivered by the 5Xperts team identified existing gaps and proposed solutions to improve and implement sound processes. We scheduled the implementation of the various recommendations for next year, and we are excited to use our new tools.”

Donald, Vice President of Logistics in the aviation industry