Better understanding
leads to better solutions

Before moving ahead with new software integration or customized application development, it’s a good idea to review current processes to identify any gaps or opportunities for improvement.

Not reviewing company processes can often lead to setbacks during business management system integration or custom application development. Also, performing a business process review can significantly increase a company’s performance and reduce operating costs by about 20% each year on average.

5Xperts can help your business pinpoint its needs and implement long-term, profitable solutions.


Do you provide services in the manufacturing, IT, environmental services, or related fields? Some provincial grants could be available to your enterprise. In fact, Économie et Innovation Québec offers a grant program (link in French) for for-profit ventures, including social economy and cooperative ventures. The program offers grants to enterprises that seek to improve their supply chain, get into compliance with norms that allow international production standards, implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite or a customer relationship management software (CRM). Other ventures may also qualify.

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The financial help to the asking party comes in the form of a non-refundable contribution of up the 40% of the project’s admissible expenses up to a maximum of 50 000$ per project. Admissible expenses include:

  • Fees disbursed for services rendered by consultation firms
  • Fees disbursed to acquire specialized information that is required to complete your project.

We hope these grants will be of use in the fulfillment of your projects.

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