5Xperts was born of the coming together of several IT professionals. Our team has extensive consulting and corporate expertise in a wide range of industries.

Our team works with close to 1,000 companies. Therefore, you can count on us to be a “tech partner” that helps you be more efficient so you make the most your IT resources.

Over the years, we have proven our ability to design solutions that meet our customers’ needs and generate the expected results.

While our expertise primarily revolves around technology and processes, our passion lies in helping our clients’ meet their business challenges by joining the digital revolution. The process of fully integrating digital technologies into all a company’s operations forces us to innovate constantly to provide state-of-the-art solutions.

In 2018, 5Xperts merged its activities with Sigmasys, a company that specializes in designing optimal software solutions for bulk material weighing, inventory and transit operations. Thanks to this merger, the extensive web and mobile application development experience of the 5Xperts team can be leveraged to ensure their software solutions remain on top of their clients’ needs.

Moreover, 5Xperts is expanding its service offering with its DevXperts division. This new department based in Tunisia enables us to meet the needs of our European and African customers at close range.

Our goal :
that you take care of yours

Ultimately, our goal is to fully or partially support your IT activities so that you can focus your full attention on your business issues.

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Humble and structured strategy-maker

After a 15-year career as a computer consultant, Luc managed an SME in the IT sector for 25 years. Therefore, he’s familiar with all types of IT projects. Drawing on a wealth of technological and business knowledge as well as strong relationships with clients and senior management, he can help you make efficient and cost-effective technological choices. Luc’s comprehensive vision, proactive approach and capacity for synthesis lead to fast, decisive and convincing results. The strategies he implements ensure a return on investment. Always keeping efficiency as his target, Luc works in concert with his clients to build a business relationship based on trust. Thanks to the extensive IT industry experience and knowledge he has acquired over the years, Luc can advise senior executives on the best technology choices to continuously increase sales, customer service quality and business productivity.

Luc Séguin

Partner, president


Honest, meticulous and persevering

For the past 30 years, Pierre has studied the information technology needs of SMEs and other organizations in depth and develops applications that meet their management and operational needs. Pierre anticipates future needs, so he develops flexible and scalable IT products designed to evolve as your company grows. Pierre’s keen interest in all aspects of IT has enabled him to develop a overall understanding of computer systems, from the smallest hardware component to the most specialized applications and interfaces. By taking all systems into account, he can identify possibilities and potential interactions. Recognized for his analytical skills and ability to synthesize complex concepts, he makes sure each user can make the most of their computer to the benefit of the company. His priority is to meet clients’ needs and provide them with a better understanding of the role of IT in their organization.

Pierre Bilodeau

Partner, vice-president, R&D


Attentive, rigorous and determined

Alexandre’s goal is to provide the best solutions to meet the needs of his clients within the set deadlines and objectives. For nearly ten years, he has gained a variety of IT experience at large-scale and multinational companies. Having worked in production, warehousing and distribution, he knows how to listen to, understand, analyze and solve various management and operational problems. By analyzing processes already in use or designing and developing new solutions, he can help you reach your goals. Alexandre is known for his ability to grasp companies’ concrete IT needs quickly, so he always delivers the best solutions to meet client’s needs. What motivates Alexander above all else is a satisfied client whose business performance has improved.

Alexandre Séguin

Partner, vice-president, project delivery



Recognized for his team work, his leadership as well as his good communication and advanced knowledge of various management professions of the enterprise allowed him to develop more precise development analyses in term of time of realization without compromising customers requests. MBA holder in financial management and more than 18 years of experience in TI fields he is ready and well equipped to meet new challenges and to bring his expertise to 5Xperts clients to achieve business goals. He has a particular interest in agile project management, certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM). His highest priority is to satisfy customers based on values, principles as well as methods and practices in order to make their goals attainable.

Ameur Brahmia

Principal Project Manager