Website design

5Xperts has the expertise to design a eCommerce/transactional website and integrate online purchasing features in both B2B and B2C environments.

At 5Xperts, there’s a solution for all technology-related problems:

  • Integrating the website with existing applications
  • Hosting
  • Multiplatform accessibility (iOS, Android…)
  • And more!
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However, how will implementing this type of marketing and sales tool impact your business?

Here’s where the real added value of 5Xperts comes into play. We have the business expertise and know-how required to understand the potential functional and financial impacts, and, especially, we understand the effects of the implementation on the teams in place.

5Xperts’ experts come from different business backgrounds; they combine their expertise to make sure all issues will be resolved by calling on solid business management experience.

the main objective

Before implementing a web solution, it’s essential to determine its main objective, for example:

  • I want to increase sales for my current territory.
  • I want to increase sales outside my current territory.
  • I want to target a new market.
  • I want to reduce internal management costs.
  • I want to provide better customer service.
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5Xperts will develop an approach according to your goal(s). We can review some of your processes to ensure these goals are met and that the work of each employee concerned improves.

With 5Xperts’ approach, implementing transactional or eCommerce websites into your business is guaranteed to be a success.

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